Discounts Rewards Club Program

  • Vintage Football Club ® Discounts Rewards Club is a program of temporary discounts, such as Black Friday for example, and bulk discount open to all Buyers, or loyalty discounts reserved for all Customers who have purchased one or more times and who have reached a minimum amount to be eligibles
  • The promos are not cumulative, the shop offers the best discount to the Customer
  • The discount is not calculated on products already on offer
  • Discounts are governed by our terms and conditions of sale and our privacy and cookies policies
  • Contact us for more information

Loyalty Discount

  1. Register an account is mandatory, the site automatically offer the discount visible in the cart and at the checkout
  2. All Customers who have already purchased one or more times in our online store are elegibles to the loyalty discount
  3. Discounts are permanent on all orders of any amount, starting from 5% and reaching the maximum level of 25%, shipping costs excluded
  4. If you bought before registering an account or, despite having one, you bought without accessing to your profile, you can request that orders placed without registering be uploaded to your history in order to benefit from the correct loyalty discount
  5. The loyalty program is always active

Loyalty Discount Thresholds

  • total purchases from 500 € up to 1000 € permanent discount of 5%
  • total purchases from 1000 € up to 2000 € permanent discount of 10%
  • total purchases from 2000 € up to 4000 € permanent discount of 15%
  • total purchases from 4000 € up to 8000 € permanent discount of 20%
  • total purchases from 8000 € permanent discount of 25%

Bulk Discount

  1. Register an account is not mandatory, but recommended to benefit from the loyalty discount in the future; the site automatically offer the discount visible in the cart and checkout
  2. Discounts from 5% to 25%, minimum order of 50 €, shipping costs excluded
  3. Bulk discount could be limited in time and is communicated via newsletter and our social pages
  4. Discount VFC2024 active until 8 January 2024 at 12PM

Bulk Discount Thresholds

  • total order from 50 € up to 100 € discount of 5%
  • total order from 100 € up to 200 € discount of 10%
  • total order from 200 € up to 400 € discount of 15%
  • total order from 400 € up to 800 € discount of 20%
  • total order from 800 € discount of 25%

Free Shipping

  1. The minimum amount spent to benefit from free shipping is 150 €
  2. The amount of the purchase is calculated after the application of any discounts