Millonarios 1983 Retro Football Shirt

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  • Millonarios Bogotá 1983 retro football shirt
  • Notable players: Díaz, Iguarán, López, Molina, Morales, Pimentel, Prince
  • Manager: Juan Mujica
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    The numbering is strictly the same as at the time, we are the only site in the world to offer this service. The font and color or colors of the number are perfectly the same as those of the past. The names, however, we apply with a standard font on all products until the 1993/94 season. The names began appearing on jerseys from the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Starting from the 1994/95 season, we apply the names on the shirts in the same font and color, or colors, as at the time.
    The numbers and names can be applied, at the customer’s choice, in two types of material: in vinyl, such as PVC, which began to be applied to football shirts at the end of the 70s and, with the necessary improvements in the material, from the 80s to today’s shirts; in flock, felt type, used as a material from the 70s, through the 80s and up to the 90s; flock which also imitates in the best way the fabric of the numbers used in the older shirts up to the 60s.
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Millonarios 1983 Retro Football Shirt

The team shirts, especially the retro football shirts, are not simple sports clothing, but bring with them a long and fascinating history that is intertwined with the evolution of the game itself and with the change in cultural and social trends over the course of the game. During the decades, exploring this history, from its origins to today, highlighting the main developments and influences that have characterized the world of football shirts. Football team jerseys have their roots in the early years of organized football in the 19th century. Initially the players wore simple white cotton shirts, without any kind of distinctive shield or logo. The need to distinguish teams on the pitch led to the introduction of different colored fabric bands worn around the arm or waist. Over time, teams began to introduce jerseys with their own colors to clearly identify the players on the pitch. These shirts were often made of heavy, rudimentary fabrics and featured bright colors, ranging from red to blue, green to yellow. However, there was no uniform regulation and many teams continued to play in white or gray jerseys. In the 20s and 30s the distinction between the teams on the pitch with the adoption of actual club colours, shields and logos which then evolved until the end of the 60s with shirts that became iconic for all fans. In the 70s and 80s, as football increased in popularity as a television entertainment, team jerseys became an important source of income through sponsorship. Companies have started paying teams to have their logo on their shirts, giving rise to a new aspect of football merchandising. The evolution of materials and design has changed as textile technology advances. Football shirts have undergone notable changes. From heavy and not very breathable fabrics we have moved on to light, breathable and technical materials that favor the performance of players on the pitch. Jersey design has become increasingly sophisticated, with the introduction of details such as collars, stripes and sublimated graphics that reflect the teams' identity and history. Replicas of vintage football shirts have been increasingly important and sought after in recent years, given the scarcity of original shirts of the time and their prohibitive prices, consequently there is a growing nostalgia for the shirts of the past with which players football enthusiasts and fans identify with each other more. Teams and specialist brands have started producing retro versions of classic shirts, capitalizing on fans' affection for iconic moments and players from the past. Football team shirts are much more than simple sports uniforms, they represent the history, culture and identity of a team, and have become, in the world of football on a global level, the tangible symbol of the passion and belonging of the fans for their team. With the advent of internet, fake producers and sellers offering low-cost products without any authorization and with illegal sales systems have multiplied, creating serious economic and image damage to brands, teams, authorized resellers and all those who work in the world of football. Despite this, Vintage Football Club ® has been a world leader in the retail sale of retro football shirts, official and made in Europe, since 2008, precisely because true fans are looking for high-quality authorized products and want a serious and professional purchasing experience.

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